A Letter to JXUTCM International Students IV
Mar 14, 2020 10:35 AM  

Dear international students,

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken active measures to contain the spread nationwide, and made some progress of the first period. However, the danger is still around us. The epidemic is spreading in the whole world, and the situation in some country is getting more severe. In the coming period, we all will face greater pressure and challenge. Please do pay attention to protect yourself and your family. In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, local governments and university, we hereby notify the following issues again as follows:

All international students who are currently out of school or China shall not return to the university or to China until further notice. Those who return to school or to China without the consent with the university will be seriously punished until expulsion according to the relevant regulations of the government at all levels as well as the university. This will lead to the suspension of resident permit by Nanchang Bureau of Entry and Exit. Please pay close attention to the notice about returning published by We-chat group.

Students who are currently in China should take all necessary measures to protect yourselves, keep updated with your headmaster and fill the form of healthy condition daily report. The school will implement the closed-off management continually. The students are prohibited to go out without permission. Please collaborate with the working staff on the real-name authentication and body temperature check for any entry or exit.

All international students who are currently outside China should try to avoid international travel. It is strongly suggested for you to cancel plans for traveling,study tour and visiting family. Please strictly abide by the instructions and requirements of local governments and health authorities, and take every necessary measure to protect yourself. If you plan to leave for other countries, please inform your headmaster 1 week in advance.

In accordance with the Non-stop Classes policy issued by the Ministry of Education, our university has been organizing online courses for a few weeks. Please follow the schedule, complete the assignment and participate seriously in the learning process. Facing the epidemic, students should keep rational and optimistic. Please exercise regularly, follow healthy lifestyles and plan your studying, resting and exercising well to strengthen your health and improve immunity.

Students, especially those upcoming graduating students, please pay attention to the notices and messages issued in the class we-chat group and respond right away with all materials in time. If there is any delay, you will be responsible for the consequences.

Dear international students, strict management is for a better future to all of us. We hereby would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every one of you for your understanding, support and cooperation.

International Education College

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

March 14th, 2020

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