International Student Awarded Second Prize in National Reciting Competition
Dec 16, 2020 04:10 PM  

In the award list of the finals of the second Chinese Classics Reciting Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission, Ufot Irene Iniobong, an international student of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese medicine, won the second prize among the international students group.

With the purpose of carrying out the Implementation Plan of the Chinese Classics Reciting Project, improving the national awareness and application ability of language standardization, inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture, the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission jointly hosted this competition. Since May this year, after several rounds of selection of the university and the provincial language committee, our international student Ufot Irene Iniobong has overcome all the difficulties and finally won the national second prize with the reciting of Green Bamboon in Jinggang in the semi-final and How Much You Need His Folk Heroic Spirit in the final. In addition, two other international students from our university also won the national award.

In recent years, the university has made great efforts to build a platform for language and cultural exchanges. Through various types of cultural exchange activities, such as Chinese competition, Taiji competition and experiencing Chinese traditional festivals, the university has made good achievements in the cultivation of high-quality international talents with knowledge of China and friendship with China.


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