International Students Appointed as "Anti-Fraud Activists" in Donghu District
Jun 18, 2020 03:54 PM  

In order to fight against telecom and Internet fraud, publicize the anti-fraud knowledge, enhance the anti-fraud awareness of international students and build a brand new environment where everyone knows how to recognize and prevent fraud.

On the morning of June 16th, Donghu Branch of Nanchang Public Security Bureau held a launching ceremony of the Joint Anti-fraud Campaign in the Constitution Square of Donghu District. Five international students from Jiangxi University of TCM were appointed as anti-fraud activists.

The anti-fraud activists will go to the community squares and markets to publicize anti-fraud measures and guide the protection of personal privacy and property. In addition, students, as anti-fraud activists, will actively cooperated with media reporters in interviews and share their own methods to remind the public not to prevent fraud.

This activity deepened the international students' understanding of various forms of fraud and its harm, and guided the majority of international students to be vigilant. In recent years, the work of anti-fraud and ban of campus loan is of uppermost priority. Through posters, lectures and other forms, the school helps students correctly to prevent fraud and campus loans.


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