2020 Summer Vacation Safety Work Meeting Held in IEC
Jul 6, 2020 04:30 PM  

On July 6, the International Education College (IEC) held the 2020 Summer Vacation International Student Safety Work Meeting at Yangming campus. The dean of the college first conveyed the main points of the relevant documents issued by the school regarding summer vacation epidemic prevention and control work, emphasized that all teachers and students of the college must strictly abide by the prevention and control regulations, conduct personal safety protection, establish the concept of "safety and prevention first ", and enhance the awareness of safety prevention.

The head of the college also made arrangements and arrangements for the college’s summer work, focusing on the safety of international students staying at the summer school, requiring attention to the safety of electricity, food, personal and property safety, travel safety, etc.

Before the holiday, the college will also conduct a centralized renovation of the environmental sanitation of the student dormitory, continue to do a good job in the holiday management of international students, and create a safe and harmonious campus atmosphere for international students in the summer.

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