MBBS Graduates Achieved High Pass Rate in FMGE
Sep 29, 2020 11:57 AM  

   Recently, the MCI (Medical Council of India) announced the results of 2020 Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), which is a licensure examination for foreign medical graduates to practice medicine in India. Among the 140 Indian students from the MBBS with TCM as extra (2015 batch) of Jiangxi University of TCM who took the exam, 39 passed. The pass rate reaches 27.8%, which far exceeds the average pass rate of the exam. In particular, Mr. Sathish Leo from the school ranks the third among all the 17,000 candidates with 228 marks out of 300.


Test Report of Mr. Sathish Leo


Mr. Sathish Leo from JXUTCM

As an indispensable "stepping stone" for Indian medical students entering their careers, FMGE has always been a major obstacle for students due to its wide knowledge coverage, high difficulty and low pass rate. According to the data provided by the India’s National Board of Examinations, the average pass rate of FMGE from 2015 to 2018 was only 14.22%. Of the 17,789 students who participated in FMGE this year, only 1,697 passed. The pass rate of this year was only 9.5%.


Name List of Students Passing FMGE 2020 

In recent years, JXUTCM has attached great importance to the quality of international medical education, and has gradually established and improved the international student enrollment system, curriculum setting system, teaching management system, teaching evaluation system, students’ academic early warning system, management staff assessment system, etc., and developed a management model for international students that is suitable for school conditions. A number of measures have been taken to improve teaching quality and enhance students' theoretical and technical level. This time, the students of the school achieving good results in FMGE greatly improved the school’s international reputation and contributed to the school’s double-first-class construction and further improvement of its internationalization level.


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