Anti-drug Publicity Event Held for International Students
Jun 17, 2018 10:26 PM  

Healthy Green and Non-toxic Life        

The Anti-drug Publicity Event for International Studentswas Held in the University


June 26th, the International Anti-Drug Day.In order to make international students understand the dangers of drugs, and establish anti-drug awarenessfirmly. On the morning of June 19th, the Wanli District Narcotics Control Commission, Nanchang Public Security Bureau of Wanli Branch, the Disease Control Center of Wanli District, the Red Cross of Wanli District, the Zhaoxian Police Station and the International Education College jointly organized the Anti-drug Publicity Event of Healthy Green and Non-toxicLifefor international student at the Student Activity Center.  



In meeting, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Wanli Branch of the Nanchang Public Security Bureau used slides and videos to explain definition, types, hazards of drugs, laws and regulations on drug crimes in Chinain detail. They guided international students tofully understand the dangers of drugs and gave a warning of no-trying drugs. Thedrug simulation samples and anti-drug brochures gave students a more intuitive impression of anti-drugs.  



After meeting,the representative of international studentsfrom 2017 batch made a statement.He called that the international students should establish strong beliefs of anti-drugs. Other international students also expressed their understandings of this event. They would raise their awareness of harmfulness of drugs and persuade their friends to refuse and stay away from the drugs.    



The event responded to the call ofAnti-drugs Publicity, which improved the awareness of international students to fight and resist drugs, and prevented the students from committing crimes related to drugs.  



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