Xie Qiang
Mar 5, 2015 11:43 PM  

Xie Qiang,born in Oct. 1953, chief physician of TCM, professor, doctoral supervisor, national and Jiangxi provincial distinguished doctor of TCM, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, excellent teacher in Jiangxi, excellent master instructor in Jiangxi, excellent scientific and technological worker in Jiangxi, advanced worker of health, sciencetechnology work in Jiangxi. He was awarded the title of China's 100 outstanding young TCM doctors and won the bronze award. Professor Xie created a new Chinese Medicine discipline on otolaryngology since 1974 in Jiangxi province. Professor Xie is adept at these methods of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage and guide to treat tumors and those difficult and complicated diseases in otolaryngology and stomatology. He has exquisite medical skills in anti-aging facial features and facial cosmetic acupuncture. In particular, Professor Xie is the first expert on teachers’ phoniatrics diseases, which filled the gap of the medical study on teachers’ phoniatrics. Professor Xie always actively leads students up to the clinical research and helps them with papers, which aroused the international concern. He had 16 publications, issued 137 papers and completed 11 national and provincial research projects. Moreover, he gained a national patent of right and was awarded the first prize for New Provincial Excellent Products, the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangxi Province and the second prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Nanchang City. He invented the technology of treating acute traumatic laryngitis mainly with acupuncture and the technology of treating acute tonsillitis with the micro-invasive therapy of puncturing the nutrient system with needles, both of which were authorized as the proper clinical technologies of TCM by the State Administration of TCM and were promoted nationwide.

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