Zhang Xiaoping
Mar 5, 2015 11:58 PM  

Zhang Xiaoping,born in September 1944,chief physician of TCM,professor,doctoral supervisor, one of the 4th and 5th batch of national supervisors for academic experience inheritance to the veteran TCM doctors, famous TCM doctor in Jiangxi province, prestigious teacher of Jiangxi province,expert in evaluation of undergraduate education level by the Ministry of Education, and standing member of the Professional Committee for Spleen & Stomach Diseases of Internal Medicine under Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.In 2012, Dr. Zhang was approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicineto establish the TCMStudio― Inheritance Studio for the National Famous Veteran TCM Doctor Zhang Xiaoping.

Erudite and diligent, professor Zhang has been engaged in the medical teaching and researchfor more than 40 years, inheriting and carrying forward predecessors’ spleen stomach theories andresearches. What’s more, she has initially formed the academic thoughts of spleen and stomachgasification,especially her initial understanding of functional activity of spleen & stomach qi made a breakthrough. She has applied the Theory on Spleen and StomachGasification to the clinical practice, producing obvious efficacy. She is particularly proficient in treating variousmiscellaneous problems by combining classical prescriptions with current prescriptions,traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine. Centering on spleen and stomach, she is skilled in solvingmany complexclinical diseases by smartly applying theories on Yin Yang and five elements. She is the chief editor of the works like "Zhang Haifeng", one of the series of the national key books for 100 modern TCM clinicians during the “11th Five-Year Plan”,and "Selected Cases of Internal Chinese Medicine ". She is also sub-editors of 3 books. More than 30master and doctoral students were cultivated by professor Zhang.

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