Yang Guanghua
Mar 5, 2015 11:59 PM  

Yang Guanghua , born in December 1958, professor, supervisor of postgraduates in TCM Diagnosis, the second prominent educator in the colleges and universities of Jiangxi province, discipline leader in colleges and universities of Jiangxi province, one of the first and second level candidates of the New Century Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project in Jiangxi province.

Graduating from Jiangxi University of TCM in December 1982, he worked as a visiting scholar at PekingUniversity in 2006. He serves as the director of Jiangxi Medical Association, the chairman of Jiangxi Association of Philosophy of Medicine and one of the members of theAdvisory Board of Medical Humanity under the Ministry of Education. The main lessons he gives are Dialectics of Nature and Study of TCM Thinking, etc. He hosted 3 national research projects including the National Key Project of Philosophy of Social Science During the "9th Five-Year Plan" and 6 provincial scientific research projects. He is the chief editor of 13 works or textbooks such as Research of Clinical Thinking , Introduction of Dialectics of Nature. He published more than 70 papers. His research involves the thinking method of the clinical diagnosis of TCM, medical methodology, the inheritance of well-known doctors’ expertise. He specializes in the treatment of such incurable diseases as spine care, lymph node tuberculosis, chronic prostatitis. He has accumulated a wealth of clinical experiences in treating cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation , bone hyperplasia, neck and back pain caused by cutaneous nerve damage by integrating Chiinese and western medicine. He received the 8 awards such as the 1st prize for compiling excellent books, the second and third prizes for outstanding achievements in the social sciences research of JiangxiProvince. He received the honorable titles such as Excellent Communist Party Member and National Outstanding Staff Member for Independent Colleges.

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