Xiao Chun
Mar 5, 2015 11:56 PM  

Xiao Chun, born in September 1949 in Jiangxi Qianshan, graduated from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. pathology professor, medical practitionersupervisor of postgraduates, the 3rd batch of prestigious teacher of Jiangxi province, outstanding postgraduate supervisor in Jiangxi province, member of the Ninth Council of Chinese Pathophysiology Society, member of TCM pathophysiology Professional Committee under Chinese Pathophysiology Society, deputy board member of the 8th Pathology Professional committee of Jiangxi Medical Association. He has specialized in pathology for over 40 years, persisting in the front line of teaching, research and clinic, systematically teaching the courses―"Pathology" "Pathophysiology" "Forensic", etc. He cultivated 12 postgraduates. He has been long-term commitment to the clinical pathological diagnosis of the hospital, being good at cancer pathology. He has rich experiences in diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicate diseases of respiratory and digestive system pathology, gynecologic pathology, soft tissue tumor and tumor-like lesions. He hosted and completed more than 20 scientific research projects at national, provincial or departmental level. He published more than 80 papers and books, and got an  invention patent. He is the chief editor of the planning textbook of the Ministry of Education during the 11th Five-Year and Twelfth Five-Year Guideline―Pathology and graduate textbooks―Modern Pathology Course, Modern Pathology Laboratory Course, etc. He presided over the production of "pathological Atlas" (electronic version)filling the gaps of the field in Jiangxi province and has been chosen by dozens of medical institutions of higher learning, research institutions and pathology workers of hospitals, winning the A- class Award for scientific and technological achievements under the Ministry of Public Health, the first prize for scientific and technological achievements in  the institutions of higher learning of Jiangxi province, elaborate course and the second prize for excellent multimedia courseware in Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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