Yu Lin
Mar 5, 2015 11:46 PM  

Yu Lin, born in May 1954, psychology professor, supervisor of postgraduates, director of the institute of mental health education under Jiangxi University of TCM, mental discipline leader, standing committee member of the Psychological Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, committee member of the International Association of Chinese Psychological Consult, committee member of the Psychosomatic Medicine Association in China, vice-chairman of Jiangxi Association of Medical Ethics, visiting scholar of Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan etc. She won the honors of “Prestigious Teacher in Jiangxi Province”, “Women Making Achievements in Education System in Jiangxi Province”, “Middle-age and Young Discipline Leaders in Higher Education in Jiangxi Province”, “Backbone teachers of Moral Education in Higher Education of Jiangxi Province”, “Excellent Teachers for Two Courses of Higher Education in Jiangxi Province” and “First prize for Two-course Teaching Competition in higher education of Jiangxi Province”.

In recent years, she chaired and completed more than 10 provincial projects, and presided over 1 provincial excellent course construction. She published over 20 papers, 1 EI paper, and 4 international conference papers. She has an invention patent, and is the chief editors of 18 textbooks and monographs. She is in charge of the psychology discipline, the key discipline of the university. She is responsible for the teaching team, the excellent teaching team of the university. As a senior visiting scholar, she has been to TokyoGakugeiUniversity in Japan to study psychology, and has successively been to the      United States, Sweden, South Korea,Taiwan, Hong Kong to attend conferences and give lectures in colleges and universities. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationUNESCOrepeatedly invited her to attend the international conferences.

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