Xu Peng
Mar 5, 2015 11:38 PM  

Xu PengBorn in April 1959, professor, doctoral supervisor, young and middle-aged discipline leader in colleges and universities of Jiangxi province, prestigious teacher of Jiangxi province, one of top ten young teachers in universities of Jiangxi province, excellent supervisor of postgraduates. Professor Xu started work in 1975. He worked in JiangxiUniversity of traditional Chinese medicine in December 1981 after graduation from it. He has been mainly engaged in pharmacology teaching and research. Hisscientific research direction is the separation and purification of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal material and its effect on biological observation, drug safety and toxicology research.

Professor Xu is concurrently appointed as the vice director of Jiangxi Pharmacological Society, the secretary of the Experimental Animals Society in Jiangxi province, the member of the Professional Committee of Safety Pharmacology under the Chinese Pharmacological Society, the director of the Chinese Institute of Experimental Animals, the member of the popular science work committee and the professional committee of Chinese medicine. Professor Xu mainly teaches Pharmacology, Toxicology, Experimental Zoology, Ideas and Methods of Scientific Research, etc, whose courses reach more than 5000 hours; Professor Xu was in charge of more than 10 scientific research programs sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund projects, and completed more than 20 new drug toxicology evaluation of science and technology and safety services. He won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangxi province, he is the chief editor in of Pharmacology including 6 kinds of books and published more than 50 papers.

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