Gong Qiongmo
Mar 6, 2015 09:38 AM  

Gong Qiongmo,born in 1937, professor, chief physician, supervisor of postgraduates, national famous TCM expert, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, famous TCM doctors in Jiangxi province, the second batch of national supervisors for academic inheritance of veteran TCM doctors.He has learned from the ancient physicians like Zhang ZhongjingLi Dongyuan and Ye Tianshi, forming his own ideas about spleen and stomach. He excels in treating digestive system diseases. His ideas about spleen and stomach first emphasize the relationship between spleen and stomach. He originated the “theory on spleen and stomach homology”. He claims that spleen and stomach have close relationship with other Internal organs, setting up the “theory on spleen and stomach’s nourishing other viscera”.

Master Gong has rich experiences in emergent treatment and excels in using purgative decoctions (Chen Qi Bei). He thinks that using purgative decoctions in the right way can save people's lives. As chief compilers, he published such works as Practical Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine and Quintessence of Difficult Diseases under Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment. He won many provincial scientific research awards.

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