Xu Hongzhao
Mar 6, 2015 09:37 AM  

Xu Hongzhao,born in October 1938, professor, chief physician of TCM, supervisor of postgraduates, supervisor for instructing outstanding TCM students, famous TCM doctor in Jiangxi province, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. In 1965, he graduated from Henan Pingle Orthopedic Institute. He has undertaken the clinical practice, teaching and research of orthopaedics for over 30 years. He can skillfully employ the traditional and western methods to deal with various orthopaedic diseases and has his own ideas about treatment of bone fracture, dislocation, osteopathia as well as lumbar and leg pain. He published over 50 papers. He won the National Huatuo[1] Award, the third prize for science and technology development in Jiangxi province, the first prize for excellent paper of Traditional Medication Society of Jiangxi Province, the sixth National Invention Bronze Award, etc. He was honored many times as Advanced Scientific and Technological Worker by Jiangxi Health Department.

[1]Huatuo was a famous physician in the ending of East Han Dynasty.

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