Kuang Yihuang
Mar 6, 2015 09:33 AM  

Kuang Yihuang,born in 1942, associate professor of medicine, professor, famous TCM doctor in Jiangxi province. He graduated from Jiangxi University of TCM in 1967. He has practiced medicine and teaching for 50 years and has persisted in working in the forefront of treating, teaching and editing for a long period. He is a model for others, studies assiduously and has rigorous attitude of scholarship. He has solid theoretical foundation of TCM, strong academic capability and abundant clinical experiences. He is good at internal medicine, gynecology and pediatrics. He has original research and experiences in treating obstinate and complicated diseases with TCM of heart & brain, liver & gall-bladder, lung & kidney, spleen stomach. He issued more than 50 academic papers, chieflyandjointlycompiled a number ofworks with more than 800,000 characters, which were all published by the national official press.

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