Zhou Shiyuan
Mar 6, 2015 09:32 AM  

Zhou Shiyuan,born in April 1945chief physician of TCM, professor, supervisor of postgraduates, doctoral supervisor, one of thefourth batch supervisors of prominent TCM doctors, leader of the key specialty under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He graduated from JXUTCM in 1969, and leaned from the prominent TCM doctor Shen Bohan of Jiangxi Province. Prof. Zhou acquired lots of knowledge. He has been engaged in teaching, clinical and scientific research on TCM gynecology for more than 40 years. Prof. Zhou has accumulated rich clinical experiences, and has high academic achievements, forming its own unique theory and the characteristics of treatment. Combining the treatment with medicine and fusing Chinese and western medicine, Prof. Zhou has obtained good curative effect in the treatment of gynecologic and venereology aspects by syndrome differentiation and flexible treatment. Especially in the research on infertility, Prof. Zhou made the study from kidney which governs reproduction and relates this point to the western medicine. Meanwhile, Prof. Zhou participated in a number of provincial projects, compiled the higher education teaching material of “11th five-year plan” national planning The Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its reference books, writing the “11th five-year plan” teaching material of the Ministry of Health, the planning teaching material for the national TCM colleges and graduate students Clinical Research on TCM Gynecology. Prof. Zhou published a number of papers, participated in the provincial and national academic exchanges successively, and won the Excellent Paper Award .

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