He Xiaohui
Mar 6, 2015 09:28 AM  

He Xiaohui,born in May 1952, chief physician of TCM, professor, one of the third, fourth and fifth batch of the academic inheritance tutors for the national senior famous TCM experts, amous TCM doctor in Jiangxi province, national famous expert of spleen and stomach diseases, enjoys the special government allowances of Jiangxi province, winner of the National May 1 Labor Medal, advanced workers of Jiangxi Province.

His academic and experience are both abundant. He has outstanding academic achievements in terms of the theory of Zang Fu, the theory of constitution, syndrome differentiation, Xu Jiang medicine and so on, especially has a unique academic opinion in the spleen and stomach theory. He founded the "stomach matter theory", "spleen Ying theory", " treatment for gasification disease from spleen and stomach",  "diagnosis and treatment mode of four differentiation in one for spleen-stomach diseases, ie. disease differentiation, syndrome differentiation, individual differentiation and season identification", and “application of qi-regulating and blood-activating method in treating spleen and stomach disease". All  of these have greater academic influence.His monograph New Exploration, New LightNew Prescription  on Clinical Practice of Spleen Stomach Diseases is the coherence of the ancient and modern knowledge with the unique insights. The national planning textbook Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine edited mainly by him won the first prize of excellent teaching materials in colleges and universities in Jiangxi province, and Overview on Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation edited mainly by him won the second prize of excellent teaching materials in colleges and universities in Jiangxi province.

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