Rao Wangfu
Mar 6, 2015 09:27 AM  

Rao Wangfu,born in May 1952, chief physician, professor, famous TCM doctor in Jiangxi province, one of the first batch of national 200 outstanding graduates in TCM clinical training. He graduated from a university in 1975. He has been engaged in the clinical, teaching and scientific research on neural department of internal medicine with combination of Chinese and western medicine. He published more than 10 papers, edited 3 works and presided over 3 projects. In the clinical work, he has a deeper understanding and some experience in TCM treatment of stroke, vertigo, wilt disease, insomnia, getting praise from the patients and peers. Especially in TCM treatment of stroke, he created the Stroke No. 1, Stroke No. 2 and Stroke No. 3, which have already been into production.

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