Diao Juncheng
Mar 6, 2015 09:16 AM  

Diao Juncheng,born in February 1960, professor, chief physician of TCM, gynaecology expert, supervisor of graduate students, one of the national outstanding TCM clinicians, one of the hundred outstanding female TCM doctor,young and middle-aged academic leader in Jiangxi Province, taught-by-the-master disciple of the famous veteran TCM doctorMr. Yao Hesheng in Jiangxi Province. She has long been committed to the standardization of TCM syndrome differentiation and specializes in clinical, medical and scientific research work on TCM gynecology. Taking TCM therapy for menstrual diseases, infertility, gynecologic functional pains, gynecological tumor as the main research focus, and TCM as the basis, and combining the use of modern treatment methods and technology, he improves the clinical efficacy. Edited or co-edited eleven books, published sixteen papers.

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