Yang Fengyun
Mar 6, 2015 09:15 AM  

Yang Fengyun,born in June 1962, professor,chief physician of TCM, supervisor of graduate students , orthopedics expert of Jiangxi TCM Hospital, cross-century technical and academic leader in Jiangxi Province Health System. He has been engaged in clinical, teaching, scientific research in orthopedics for 29 years, proficient in combination of western and Chinese medicine to treat all kinds of bone diseases. Her own side wrenching massage manipulation has instant results in the treatment of neck shoulder joint disorder. The release manipulation combining the peripheral soft tissue of knee-joint with the oral treatment of Jiawei Yang Hetang has obvious efficacy for the knee pain of osteoarthritis and valgusinternal malformations. The method  initiated by her"combine descending method for lumbar traction with unique massage wrenching manipulation" in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation shows her accomplishment in TCM. The operation coordinating TCM in treating femoral head necrosis has saved many young adults with vascularized bone flap transplantation. The unique therapy that treat knee osteoarthritis and congenital acetabular dysplasia with technique of total knee arthroplasty, complex total hip arthroplasty and revision shows  her solid western medicine foundation, getting peer recognition.

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