Qiu Liying
Mar 6, 2015 09:13 AM  

Qiu Liying,born in January 1963, professor, supervisor of graduate students, stone specialist of Jiangxi Hospital of TCM, young and middle-aged discipline leader of Jiangxi province, expert of national natural science fund evaluation, academy successor to the famous veteran TCM doctor Mr. Pi Chiheng in State Administration of TCM. He has been engaged in the teaching ,clinical and research work in the treatment of exogenous febrile disease for nearly 30 years, and published more than 20 academic articles and 5 academic works. He hosted and hosts a number of natural science foundation projects both at state and province level. He specializes in calculi, making in-depth study of biliary tract and urinary calculi, and he believes that Chinese medicine and western medicine, stone dissolving, stone passing, stone smashing and stone preventing should be combined, achieving satisfactory curative effect.

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