Chinese Medicine Specimen Museum
Dec 31, 2014 10:56 AM  

Chinese Medicine Specimen Museum of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest Specimen Museums in national TCM colleges and universities in China and was founded in 1951. After more than 60 yearsdevelopment, it has become a professional multi- functional exhibition hall focusing on traditional Chinese medicine teaching, scientific research, external interchange, and at the same time popularizes TCM knowledge in our university. The museum includes three parts, which are the comprehensive exhibition hall of TCM, the specimen room of medicinal plants and the bulletin board area of TCM knowledge. The comprehensive exhibition hall consists of the raw medicinal material exhibition section, the decocting pieces exhibition section, the theme exhibition section and the TCM culture and relic exhibition section. There are over 5600 bottles and 2000 kinds of Chinese medicine specimen presented in the raw medicinal material exhibition section. Many famous regional drugs from different areasof the country, some rare classic crude drugs, international crude drugs, precious medicinal materials, special medicinal material in Jiangxi, some medicine materials up to the TCM commodity specifications and the specimen of TCM research subject in the national key science and technology objects are included; Over 300 kinds of special TCM elaborate decocting pieces were collected from famous processing sects as Zhang Faction, Jing Faction, Chuan Faction, Jian Faction, which are the unique collections in China. Ethnic medicine display area includes Tibetan, Mongolian,Uyghur, Dai national medicine and their culture, reflecting their important values.

The TCM culture and relic exhibition section mainly collects some Chinese medicine processing tools ofZhangshu Faction,Jiande Faction. The last section, the medicinal plants specimen room, consists of the area of primary colour impregnated plant specimens, the area of the local medicinal plants of Jiangxi and the original plants herbarium specimensdatabase. Over 5600 bottles were stored in the herbarium medicinal plant specimensdatabase, which takes a lead in domestic colleges and universities of TCM. Redalgae, the earliest specimen with more than 100 year history, areconsidered as the treasure of the museum.

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