Medicinal Botanical Garden
Dec 31, 2014 10:54 AM  

The Medicinal botanical garden of Jiangxi University of TCM is a comprehensive botanical garden used for teaching, scientific research, sightseeing and other functions. It is the largest ecological park in TCM colleges and universities in China, highlighting the unique features of traditional Chinese medicinal resources in Jiangxi, and developing social services to cultivate innovative talents. The Center Park has a planning area of about 200 acres, which has been used as the introduction and cultivation of more than 400 kinds of medicinal plants, the number of which have reached more than 2000 within 3 years. The divisions of the medicinal plant are classification area of traditional Chinese medicine, exhibition area, Jiangxi special herbs, rare and endangered area, medicine and food dual-purpose area, vine and root area, hydrophily area, Duxing Yuan(Practice field), greenhouse and other functional areas. The landscape planning is designed as "One Ring, Three Gardens, Eighteen Views". TheXuanhujishiPavilion (practise medicineso asto help the people) is the landmark building of the park, which is the cultural essence of TCM and embodies the concept of saving patientsChinese medicine has always been adhering to. "Traceability" gurgling water symbolizes that traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and a bright future. A large number of shade plants are planted in The "Hundred-of-Herb Hill", including the most renowned Grass Coral that Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Factory has used to develop its medical empire. "Jubaolin" is a rare and endangered medicinal plant conservation area planted with herbs such as Anoectochilus roxburghii, Liparis, Paris polyphylla, asarum, octagonal lotus, Coptis chinensis. Duxing Yuan is the demonstration base for scientific researches and technical services.

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