Extracting and Concentration Set
Feb 7, 2015 10:53 PM  

Most Chinese medicine extractionconcentration equipment has a complex structure, and only uses the static extraction and concentration, thus the efficiency of extraction and concentration is not high. This equipment will complete the extractionconcentration process in a set of equipment through MVR technology, providing a integration device of integrated dynamic extractionconcentration of Chinese medicine. This equipment is heated circularly in the process of two crafts, realizing dynamic extractionconcentration.

Innovations:1. It uses MVR energy-saving technology and integrated extractionconcentration equipment. It recycles secondary steam latent heat which does not need native steam, thus greatly reducing energy consumption with up to 80% steam comparing with the existing extraction concentration equipment;

2. Dynamic extraction and dynamic concentration can be achieved. It can reduce the time of extraction and concentration and effectively protect Chinese medicine from damaging. It also saves the amount of solvent for more than 40%, and reduces more than 70% consumption of cooling water;

3.It has a solvent recovery and herb-squeezing function, so it can increase the feeding amount of 20% to 50%;

4. The fluid filter area is several times over the original one, and the anti-blocking performance is better;

5 The extraction process consistently keeps a higher concentration difference, which is beneficial formedicinalcomponent leaching, and the extraction ratio of transfer rate increases by more than 10% comparing with ordinary extraction equipment;

6. It uses cryogenic forced evaporator with no coking and scaling, and concentration can be done in one step.

Prospects and expected benefits:It has so many advantages such as occupying less area, low investment, smooth running, high-degree automation, low energy consumption, low operating costs, and quick recovering of investment costs.

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