Sterilization & Drying All-in-one Machine
Feb 7, 2015 10:53 PM  

Dry heat sterilization and moist heat sterilization are frequently used in the production of Chinese traditional medicine. Due to the limitations of the existing equipment, some problems still remain in these sterilizations, such as unevenness and poor performance in sterilization, and deficiencies in applicability to materials. Furthermore, the materials in moist heat sterilization are subject to binding into pieces. In contrast, Sterilization Drying All-in-one Machine can mix materials in the course of sterilization in which the materials are dried, and thus the quality of the products is enhanced.  

Innovations: 1. Unique technology is adopted to integrate sterilization, drying and mixing into a machine, so materials can be sterilized, dried and mixed simultaneously. Therefore, pollution can be avoided due to less processing steps;

2. According to material properties, appropriate sterilization can be chosen to obtain ideal performance and avoid injuring the effective constituents;

3. Low drying temperature 4050℃and fast drying3060 minutes) to keep the original quality of materials instead of ruining temperature-sensitive constituents;

4. Applicable to all solid materials such as medicinal materials, pills, particles and powder; 5. MVR technique is adopted to reduce 70% of energy consumption, making this machine rank top among all drying machines.

Application prospect and expected benefits: low in energy consumption; easy and simple to use, large in production capacity and applicable to all solid materials such as medicinal materials, pills, particles and powder.

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