Vacuum extraction technology and equipment
Feb 7, 2015 10:52 PM  

There are a series of problems in the traditional Chinese medicine extraction process: a multiplicity of influential factors, long extraction cycle, high temperature ,much energy consumption, low metastasis rate of thermal ingredients and poor material properties, which have greatly influenced the quality of the subsequent preparations and the clinical efficacy. By using the low-temperature boiling control technology and at the temperature which is below the boiling point of preparations and in which effective ingredients of preparations are not destroyed and the solubility of preparations is maximal, the boiling dynamic extraction can be done and the metastasis rate of medicinal ingredients can be raised by this equipment.

Innovations:1.By using the low-temperature boiling control technologythe extraction temperature can be reduced effectively and the degradation losses of thermal ingredients can be decreased to the utmost. Thus it greatly improves the extraction efficiency of thermal ingredients, up to more than 20%.

2. By using boiling dynamic extraction and by means of chamber-aided effect of vacuum degree, it can shorten the extraction time, promote the solute dissolution, save more than 40% of energy and reduce water consumption of more than 60%.

3. The concentration difference is always maintained in high levels during the extraction processwhich is helpful for extracting medicinal ingredients .

4. The extracts of traditional Chinese medicine are in high purity, impurities of the ingredients are much less.

Application prospects and the expected benefitsInvestment cost in the renovation is low; its renovation can be made on the basis of the current extraction equipment and does not involve change in process; energy consumption can be lowered; the extraction time can be shortened.

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