Multilayer Countercurrent Vibration Drying Unit
Feb 7, 2015 10:50 PM  

The project is for drying of the solid material items. Nowadays the large-scale use of drying equipments in China includes units of atmospheric pressure baking, vacuum drying, fluidized drying and airflow drying, etc. The first two equipments are of severe energy consumption and low thermal efficiency and easy to cause environmental pollution. The last two are limited to dry solid particles and seem powerless to dry bulk and spherical materials. The Multilayer Countercurrent Vibration Drying Unit generated by the project adopts the method of countercurrent dynamic drying with reliable operation and low energy consumption. The drying time and degree of the materials can be strictly controlled and the drying uniformity can be ensured. At the same time, the unit can also achieve a continuous, low-temperature drying. It can be used to dry solid materials of pelletsgranulesflakesstrips and other solid materials of different shapes.

The project enjoys patronage of industry-specific funding from the National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 Program, the National Science and Technology Support Program and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the PRC.


1). By adopting countercurrent drying and dynamic drying methods, it needs only 20-30 minutes to dry pellets (7-8 hours are needed by ordinary ovens), so as to avoid degradation loss of heat-sensitive materials and promote drying speed and save manpower.

2). By adopting energy recycling technology, the unit can save more than 60% energy than the boiling drying unit does, so as to achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing energy-consumption.

Prospects and anticipated benefits:the unit is suitable for drying materials of different natures and solid materials of pellets, granules, flakes, strips and solid materials of different shapes. It can be of continuous feed and continuous discharge and is suitable for industrial production.

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