Energy- saving Low Temperature Concentration Unit
Dec 29, 2014 02:11 PM  

The project is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation,the State 863 project,theNational Science-technology Support Plan Project and Special Industry Fund by the State Administrative Bureau of TCM.The equipment adopts mandatory vacuum concentration,reliable, low-energy-consuming, fast-concentrating, high-efficient, and controllable on the degree of concentration, so it is newtype equipment which can be applied in industrial production.

Summary of achievements:

1. With the use of advanced patent technology, liquid medicine will be concentrated in mandatory vacuum at 25 to30℃, protecting the active ingredients which are heat-unstable, easy to hydrolyze and oxidize from heat damage, thus guaranteeing the quality of products.

2. With special defoaming technology, there is no medical material loss in the concentration process.

3. With big concentrated ratio and forced circulation, products can be concentrated with density of over 1.4.

4. Adjustable on concentration temperature and vacuum, flexible in selecting the optimal parameters based on the characteristics of products, thus suitable for concentration of various liquids.

Contents of Innovation:

1. Patent technology, and liquid is concentrated in low-temperature vacuum, which can effectively reduce the loss when heat sensitive ingredients degrade.

2. Unique defoaming technology which ensure no medical material loss in concentration process.

The Application Prospects and Anticipated Benefits:

The equipment can realize continuous feedstock and discharging, be suitable for industrial production, and has the advantage of high automation and simple operation.

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