Study on the Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of Compound Caoshanhu Tablets
Dec 29, 2014 02:11 PM  

According to the requirements of the modern medicine, the projectis based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine,and a comprehensive study was conducted on Sarcandra glabra chemical constituents with the methods and means of modern science and technology. 36 compounds were isolated from Sarcandra glabra and their structures were systematically studied by the spectroscopic methods such as UVIR1H-NMR13C-NMRH-H COSYDEPTHMQCHMBCNOE and chemical methods. We found that most of the 36 compounds were isolated from the plant for the first time. Among them, compounds 1,2,3,4,5,6,12,13,18,19 were new and first discovered in nature. We studied isolated compounds on activities such as anti-tumor and hepatoprotective effect and dicovered that compounds such as glycosides C of Sarcandra glabra had anti-tumor activities. Glycosides C of Sarcandra glabra had certain anti-metastasis effect on breast cancer cells, which may be related to regulatory factor inhibiting metastasis--Runx2. 7 sesquiterpene such as glycosides A hasa relatively strong hepatoprotective effect. On the basis of the research of systematical chemical constituents, we separately established indexgrounding on the main chemical elements—myrrh, isofraxidin and so on. We chose the quality control method, that is, high performance liquid chromatography was used to determine the content of the grass coral herbs, are accurate, rapid,andsensitive. We have conducted the quantitative analysis on different origins, different harvest seasons and different medicinal parts and have provided the scientific methods and means for Sarcandra glabra quality evaluation and control of Caoshanhu herbs. The main methods have been embodied by "Chinese Pharmacopoeia",becoming the legal standards.

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