Jiangzhong Chinese Medicine Embedded System (JZCMES)
Dec 29, 2014 02:10 PM  

The project is to design a Chinese medicine prescription system in mobile phones on the basis of embedded Android operating system and embedded SQLite database, serving as a fast and convenient prescription-searching tool for Chinese medicine practitioners and learners at home and abroad.

The system is based on the basic information of recipes, medicine, symptoms and prescriptions, and depends on connectiveinformationof treatment, etiology,pathologyand prescription as the core, with a collection of 760 recipes and 720 prescriptions in clinical use, serving the purpose of transmission queryamong symptom, prescription and medicine and thefuzzy querywith variousproperties.

The project first came into use in Jiangxi TCM Hospital and NanchangHospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, and has gained favorable reception from clinicians.It was estimated that the two hospitals had new revenues up to 7 millionYuanin the next two years due to the project.Meanwhile, the project was applied in traditional Chinese medical institutes in Jiangxi, improving the dissemination of Chinese medicine knowledge, thus being helpful for students to learn Chinese medicine and put it into practice, the promotion of our national traditional culture and betterment of clinicians’diagnosis and treatment so as to benefit the public and the construction of harmonious society.

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