Large, Special-shaped TCM Pieces as the Core of Key Technologies in TCM Tablet’s Modern Industrialization
Dec 29, 2014 02:10 PM  

After more than 20 years’ joint research and integrating multidisciplinary advantage, this project has broken through the bottleneck restricting modern production of TCM tablets, especially large, special-shaped TCM pieces and has formed a series of key technologies.Firstly, here arethe key technologies in large, special-shaped TCM tablets’ modern production. To begin with, this project has innovated a series of key technologies, including the unique design of the shape of large, special-shaped TCM tablets, high-speed tableting technology, complete water film coating technology and high speed pressing tablet’s ‘people’ glyph feeding system, which have implemented the modernization and large-scale production of large, special-shaped TCM tablets.Moreover, this project has also originated the domestic tableting machine suitable for high-speed tableting of large, special-shaped TCM tablets and has greatly raised the production level of domestic equipment. Secondly,here are the key technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction in TCM manufacturing process. To start with, this project has pioneered the design of Stereo U workshop whichisclosely connectedwithworking procedure, the shortest distance in physical distribution(human distribution) and compact structural layout,and has innovated the technology of automatic adjustment and control in cooling tower’s temperature.What’s more, it has integrated and innovated TCM automatic control extraction technology during dynamic warm immersion and TCM extract’s anti-sticking spray drying technology. And then, it has optimized granulating and coating process. Last but not the least, it has upgraded and rebuilt boiler’s desulfurization and dust removal equipment, transformer and the central air-conditioning’s water circulating system, which has greatly shortened the production cycle and significantly reduced the energy consumption and exhaust emissions.Thirdly, here areTCM modernized production quality management systems. This project has taken the lead in introducing the internationally advanced ERP management system and product identification tracking system, which have contributed to the improvement of working efficiency, the guarantee of product quality and the enhancement of tablet’s overall manufacturing capacity. What’s worth mentioning is that this project has obtained 8 nationally authorized patents.

The expert group, which has professor Zhang Boli, the academician ofthe Chinese Academy of Engineering as the leader, has identified the results of this project and unanimously agreed that this project has systematically innovated and researched the TCM tablet manufacturing technology, and the design concept is advanced and in line with the concept of “low carbon” and “green medicine”. The group also thinks that this project has improved product quality and established the “Jiangzhong” brand through the integration of new technologies, new procedures, new equipment and advanced management. The research results have reached nationally leading level, while some achievements reaching internationally leading level.

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