Research Center for Basic TCM Theory Differentiation&Development
Dec 29, 2014 02:05 PM  

The Research Center for Basic TCM Theory Differentiation Development of Jiangxi University of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in 2012 November. The center determined the differentiation of the pathogenesis of Chinese medicine theory and its modern biological basic research as the break through point, the clinical prevention and treatment of the major diseases as the guide, the research of the traditional Chinese medicine as the media.The research center carry out the research starting from two major areas: the pathogenesis of Chinese medicine theory and the prevention and treatment of tumors and metabolic diseases.

There is 15 teaching and administrative staff in the center, including 13 full-time researchers, 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 10 doctors (postdoctors).The center flexibly hires 2 professors from American National Institutes of health. The office and research rooms of the center cover an area of 800 square meters, the instruments and equipment of the center costnearly 30,000,000 Yuan,and there are more than 120 sets of equipment parts. Currently the center has 6 research platforms, including the experimental animal behavior research platform, metabonomics and pharmacokinetics research platform, visualization study platform, physiological and biochemical research platform, molecular biology and cell biology research platform.

In 2013 the center was approved 10 items in various scientific research projects, including 1 item of National Natural Science Foundation, 1 item of National People's Insurance Department on meriting the returning over seas students to science and technology activities. And there are 21 projects in the research, including 1 item of national science and technology on major drug discovery project, 2 items of the 973 item, 5items of National Natural Science Foundation items, 5 items of provincial and ministerial level scientific research project. Its total research funding is nearly 460,00,000 yuan. The staff published 55 academic papers, including 4 SCI papers, 46 Chinese Core Journal papers and published 1 book.

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