Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Ethnic Drugs
Dec 29, 2014 02:09 PM  

The research center of traditional Chinese medicine resource and ethnic drug of Jiangxi university if TCM was founded in August ,2012. It is one of the main collaborative innovations founding part of industrially developing Jiangxi traditional ethnic drug 2011. It contains a key researching laboratory systemizing and standardizing the Zang, meng, wei ethnic drugs of State Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau, a Level 3 laboratory for the evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine resource, an Engineering technology research centerforJiangxi traditional Chinese medicine resource, etc. It also builds some auxiliary teaching platforms such as Shennong Garden (medical plants garden), TCM herbarium. It also purchased over 30 millon Yuan scientific instruments and equipments. It has a vigorous and creative researching and teaching working team,including famous experts of TCM and ethnic drugs, professors, young researching people.

The center inherits the school motto “Learning and virtue, devoting and excerllence.” and the team culture of the University “responsibility, solidarity, perseverance, dedication”. It carries forward the state traditional medicine culture and services to the people's health. Adhering to the major industrial development demand of national traditional Chinese medicine and the ethnic drug, the center positively strengthens the team collaborative innovation with the domestic and foreign experts. It integrates the application of modern science and technology to promote Chinese medicine and ethnic drug scientific and technological progress and industrial development, and cultivates high-quality innovative talents of science and technology. The center strives to build a distinctive, national first-class Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine scientific research and personnel training important base.

The MainStudyDirection:

Traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic drug resources investigation and information sharing (ethnic drug database, treatise)

Traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic drug resources protection and regeneration

Ethnic drug classification and standardization:

Traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic drug resources integrated utilization value evaluation and the development and utilization.

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