Research Institute for Health Preserving
Dec 29, 2014 02:10 PM  

Established in November 2006,the Research Institute for Health Preserving of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicinehasa laboratory focusing on health-preserving theory, a laboratory of Taoist alchemy-related medicine, a laboratory on health preserving literature, a laboratory working on health-preserving products and a reference library on health-preserving data.

The research institute has seven full-time researchers and sixteen part-time researchers now. Among them two are experts enjoying thespecial allowance of the State Council, three are national senior TCM doctors, three are doctoral supervisors, nine are professors, seven are associate professors and eight have doctorates.

Adhering to the motto—Deepen health preserving research, Expand academic research, Promote culture,Show advantages, Train specialists and Serve for the public’s health,the research institute has been developing scientific research, building disciplines and cultivating talents.

In August 2012, approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to participate in the construction of the key discipline— “health-preserving discipline of TCM”, the research institute was also the subordinate organization to construct the authorization disciplines of doctor’s degree conferring unit and the high level discipline construction of Jiangxi province.

In the many years of discipline construction and scientific researches, the research institute has formed four stable research directions: the first one is “distinctive health preserving researches based on the traditional culture of Taoism; the second is “theoretical system researches onhealth-preserving”; the third is “researches on digging and arranging the methods and experiences of health-preserving”; the last is “traditional Chinese culture researches on health-preserving”. It has specialized in Taoist health-preserving researches, Chinese culture researches on health-preserving and products development on health-preserving and health care. It also obtains outstanding advantages on literature researches of health-preserving and researches on the health-preserving experiences of contemporary famous senior doctors of TCM and health-preserving system researches,achieving aleading position inthedomestic cognate subjects.

The research institute under takes nearly 100 projects at national and provincial level,such as the “National 11th Five Supporting Projects of Science and Technology” ——Applied Research on Digging and Sorting the Health-Preserving Experiences of National Famous SeniorTCM Doctors”, “973Project”——Study on the Theoretical Frame work of Health-Preserving Theory, the research institute has brought up more than twenty master degree candidates and six doctoral candidates.

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