Qihuang Academy of TCM
Dec 29, 2014 02:10 PM  

Qihuang Academy of TCM is an institute established to inherit,impart and develop traditional Chinese medicinal culture.After two-year meticulous research by Taihu World Cultural Forum and other organizations,it was decided at the High-level Conference of Taihu ForumNanchang June,2012on development of Traditional Chinese medicine that it was to be founded in Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.In April 2013, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine formally announced the establishment of Qihuang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine under Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The institute focuses on the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicinal culture as well as the training of high-level qualified traditional Chinese medicine clinicianswithdeep humanitywho arewell versed in classical theories of TCM andareproficient in utilizing TCM approachesand differential treatments.With “two bases and one center”(the training base for elite TCM clinicians, the base for research into difficult and complicatedcasesthe center for cultural exchange of Traditional Chinese medicine) as the general guiding principles, the institute actively promotes the inheritance and growth of traditional Chinese medicinalculturein addition to the intrinsic integration of university education and apprenticeship system.

The institute draws on the conception of “emphasis on both academic achievement and character development”while applying the cherished educational concepts of reading classics,valuing clinical experience,learning with eminent doctors.It also adopts the classical instructional model of “repeated query and testing” and exploits the findings of the educational research “Learning with Eminent Doctors”taking advantage of the eminent doctors fromtheInstitute of Basic Clinical Medicine in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing Lu Zhizheng Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic,Yao Hesheng ResearchRoom.The institutehas tried todeveloptheabilities of thestudents: the clinical expertise in TCM,humanity,comprehensible quality,ability to learn independently, innovation, critically analyze and solve problems with TCM.

The institute has set upthephysical centerfor“Preventive Treatment of Diseases” and JiangxiTCMClinic andhasproactively engaged in the research and application of “preventive treatment of diseases”.It is equipped withthefirst-class facilities for physical examination and invites eminent experienced doctorstotreatpatients. All these are done to spreadandinherit traditional Chinese medicinal culture and comprehensively promote the health of the general public.

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