TCM Research Institute
Dec 29, 2014 02:11 PM  

TCM Research Institute of Jiangxi University of TCM was founded in July 2003,which consists of three branches—Renowned Doctors’ Academic Succession Research Center,Medical Information Research Center and TCM Informationalization Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangxi Province.Since its establishment, TCM Research Institutehas beenadhering to the principleof "inheriting and carrying forward the unique TCM characteristics; exploring the effective mechanism to promote the cultivation of TCM talents and the academic succession of renowned doctors in the university”, actively probing into the TCM academic succession patterns and working methods, and innovating the patterns of TCM succession and talents cultivation. It holds a leading position in the nation’s peers with its rich accumulated experiencesin the use of database and network technology to record and spread truly the elder renowned doctors’ academic experiences. Ithas undertaken and completed 3 national level projects of Science and Technology Support Plan, 30 provincial or department level projects and issued more than 200 relevant papers.

Among them, the academic synthesis system of the elder famous TCM doctors in Jiangxi province and the academic resources database construction of the elder famous TCM doctors at national level provide technical support of information storage and data analysis for effective resources integration of the provincial famous TCM doctors,makinga positive contribution topromoting the TCM discipline construction and talent cultivation.

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