Yao Hesheng Research Office
Dec 29, 2014 02:15 PM  

Yao Hesheng Research Room of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in June, 2009.There are divisions of medicine study group, TCM clinic and office, and more than 40 staff,including the famous national seniorherbalist doctors and youth mainstays with doctor or master degree. In addition, the laboratory has engaged many national medical experts as advisers and more than 40 experts and professional mainstays as special researchers.

Duties of Yao Hesheng Research Room:

——Researching and developing Yao Hesheng’s academic thoughts. There search room sorts out and publishes the literary remains of this famous typhoid expert; inherits and promotes his scientific spirit and humanity spirit; publishes a series of original thesis and works on the basis of strengthening the research, practice and development of his academic thoughts.

——Exploring the new model of TCM clinical researching. By means of the construction of scientific research model, this research room constantly improves the TCM clinical level; cultivates a group of high-level TCM clinical talents with systematic theory, solid clinical technology, ability of handling clinical common ailments and some stubborn diseases.

——Creating the TCM brand. There search room improves the theoretical and clinical level of TCM,conducts international academic exchanges and cooperations,and makes itself a studying and curing center of critical stubborn diseases and a training base of famous herbalist doctors.

——Producing the high-quality pharmacy. There search room sets specific quality standards fo rthe decoction pieces of some genuine regional traditional Chinese medicinal materials and their corresponding processing.

——Building up the special website. The website conducts the propaganda of the specialties and advantages of the research room,carries out doctor’s appointment online booking,establishes online pharmacy,introduces clinical experience,and strengthens the contact with special researchers.

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