Key Laboratory of the Education Ministry for Modern TCM Preparation
Dec 29, 2014 02:25 PM  

The Key Laboratory of the Education Ministryfor ModernTCMP reparation (hereafter be short for key laboratory) was established in 2003 with the authorization of the National Ministry of Education and the basis of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, presently the only one focusing on the research and development of new preparations and technologies of Chinese medicine in domestic universities.

The key laboratory has established the technical platforms of Chinese medicine preparation manufacturing equipment,the evaluation of new drugs delivery and representation of drug properties,the assessment of quality control on Chinese medicine and the fungus medicine research center. It has successively been granted as Sino-Mongolian National Engineering Pill Research Center, Technical Platforms of New Traditional Chinese medicine Drug Delivery System and Traditional Integrated Innovative technologies of Chinese Medicine, Three-level Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Preparation and Chinese Medicine Quality Control approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiangxi Provincial High-level Laboratory of Chinese Drugs Preparation, Jiangxi Collaborative Innovation Center of New Drugs and High-efficiency and Energy-saving Pharmaceutical Equipment, Jiangxi Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Process and Equipment Technology Research Center, Jiangxi Technological Innovation Strategy Alliance of Chinese MedicineIndustryand Nanchang Key Laboratory of Chinese Compound Medicine Drug-release System. Meanwhile, the key laboratory serves as the implementation unit of key discipline Chinese Drugs Pharmacy supported bytheState Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the presidential unit of the Brunch of Chinese Drugs Preparation Technologies in WFCMS and member of the international academic organization–Global Alliance of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The laboratory has purchased300 pieces of equipment, with total value amounting to about 51 millionYuanRMB,enablingthe laboratory to complete the whole preparation manufacturing process of prescription screening, medicine grinding, extracting, thickening, purification, preparation formation and detection, which ensures the quality and safety of preparation.

Up till now, the key laboratory has accomplished 63 national programs, with the research funds of 155 millionYuan RMB, held 18 international and national academic conferences, collaboratively built 3 international joint laboratories and 10 national ones, gained 18 awards of various kinds and 11 patent authorizations and published over 640 papers and 15 works. The laboratory has commanded a series of key technologies with independent intellectual property rights as follows: drug preparation technologies like targeted drug delivery, slow controlled release drug delivery, transdermaldelivery,damp proof and taste masking; big and irregular tablet production integrative technology, microwave extraction concentration drying sterilization technology, injected medicinal materials solubilization technique, Chinese spectrum effect relationship study technology and medicinal fungus solid fermentation technology. These technologies have provide 300 times of service on technological transformation, support and training for enterprises and their products, developed more than 30 kinds of new medicines and health-care food, creating over 10 billionYuan RMB of total output value, and invented 12 pieces of special or modified equipment in cooperation with enterprises. The laboratory has provided services for a couple of institutes of higher learning, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises about product research, planning, declaring and academic promotion, thus winning a good reputation in the industry.

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