Examination rules
Sep 1, 2016 10:36 PM  

1. Students shouldtake the exam on time, anyone being late for more than half an hour will not beallowed to come in the exam room.

2. Students areonly allowed to carry the pens to exam desks, other personal things (bags,textbooks, cellphones, etc.) should be deposited on the platform in front orother places designated by the exam supervisor, cell phonesare not permitted on the desk even if they remain switched off. If anyunauthorized material relevant to the syllabus being examined is found to takento the desk, it will be assumed that he or she intended to use them to gain anunfair advantage in the exam.

3. Students maynot assist, attempt to assist, obtain, or attempt to obtain assistance byimproper means from any other person during their exams.

4. Students arerequired to comply with the exam supervisor’s ruling. Supervisors are obligedto report any cases of irregularity or improper conduct to the SAO. Thesupervisor is empowered to discontinue one’s exam if he or she is suspected ofmisconduct and to exclude him or her from the exam room.

5. Students arenot permitted to remove either their script booklets or their question papersfrom the exam room and all exam scripts should be handed in.

6. If studentshave a complaint or question regarding the exam, they should make this known tothe exam supervisor in the first instance. Private communication betweenstudents is strictly forbidden.

7. Once the examhas started, students are not allowed to leave the exam room until all scriptpapers are handed in, and then only when instructed by the supervisor. (Students are not permitted to visit Wash Room duringthe exam hours.)

8. Students shouldwrite the answers on the double-sided sheets neatly and compactly, noadditional answer sheets will be provided.

3. Students found failing to sit the make-up exams in 3 accumulative subjects will be disqualified from going up to the next grade.
4. For those who failed the exams, the management will provide two periods to take the last make-up exams; one is set before the internship, and the other before graduation. Those who take the make-up exams before graduation must pass all the exams in a stipulated period (one month), otherwise, he or she will not be qualified to graduate and will have to retake the make-up exams one year later.

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