Interns must know
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1. Student must arrive in teaching hospital and startto do internship on time. Student must send confirmation letter from hospitalto International Education College by fax (fax no. 0086-791-7119001) within oneweek after student arrive in the hospital, which will be regarded as evidenceof students doing internship.

2. Students must follow the arrangements of hospitalwhere they are doing internship.

II. Internship scheme and department rotation

1. Students should follow the minimum scheme ofinternship made by college. However, student should follow the scheme ofinternship modified by teaching hospital if teaching hospital has their owninternship scheme.

2. Students should observe regulations of hospital andeach department during internship, check in and checkout department on time,and complete corresponding procedures. Take the check-out assessment carefullyand let appraisal form filled in by department.

III. Disciplines for interns

1. Interns must observe the working schedule of theteaching hospital. Interns are not allowed to be late or leave early.

2. Interns should be present in teaching hospital 10minutes earlier to do some preparing work.

3. Interns must wear apron and behave in good manner.

4. Interns should respect teachers and other medicaland nursing staff, follow the arrangement of them, work hard and keep goodacademic manner.

5. Interns should keep good medical manner, take goodcare of and respect patients, cannot make expediency from patients, and cannotdispute with patients.

6. Follow the instructions of teachers, study clinicalmethods and skills under the guidance of teachers. Interns cannot prescribe andtreat patients by themselves.

7. Learning and using medical apparatus must be underthe instructions of teachers and interns should operate medical apparatusesproperly and carefully.

IV. Regulations for asking leave

1. Interns follow 24 hours on-duty system and workingschedule of teaching hospital. Without permission, interns are not allowed toleave.

2. In case of sickness or other things, intern shouldask leave from teaching hospital by him/herself with an application letter andrelative certificates. Asking leave through other people or phone is not acceptedexcept special reasons. Application of asking leave more than three days shouldbe approved by the International Education College, and inform the teaching hospital with written paper. The supervisingteacher has no right to approve intern’s leave.

3. Right limitation for giving leave duration: theteaching hospital can accept leave for less than one week; if it is more thanone week, interns must apply to International Education College to givepermission for leave (except public holidays allowed in the teaching hospital.)

4. Postponing internship period will be given ifleaving period exceeds two weeks, and suspension for one year will be given ifleaving period exceeds one month with reasons of sickness or others.

V. Assessment of internship and management ofmaterials.

The Internship Appraisal Form: when internscheck out from one department, the guiding teacher and the head of departmentgive assessment to interns and sign and seal, finally appraised by the hospitaland sealed. The form should be submitted to International Education College afterinternship finishes.

VI. Assessment of internship

Assessment of department check-out is organized byteaching hospital.

VII. Other guidelines.

1. Interns must maintain solidarity and be in accordwith staff of teaching hospital and other interns, keep a good self-image.

2. Interns should strengthen the concept of security,pay attention to fire and guard against theft and traffic accidents, to makesure the security of personal and property.

3. Any business activities are forbidden duringinternship.

4. Each group of interns must keep in touch withInternational Education College.

5. Before leaving the teaching hospital afterfinishing the internship, every intern must return all the instruments, drugsand other things to the teaching hospital. For in the event of a loss, theintern will be responsible for paying compensation for the missing itemsaccording to the relative regulations of the hospital and college.

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