Rules for Laboratory Usage
Sep 1, 2016 10:38 PM  

Main objectives oflaboratory teaching are

1. Introducing,developing and reinforcing theoretical concepts;

2. Developingpractical skills, for example, doing blood counts, handling live tissues, etc;

3. Introducing anddeveloping the skills of scientific approach to a problem; and

4. Buildingconfidence to handle unexpected events and observations scientifically.

The followingadvice would, therefore, be of some value to a student beginning the course.


1. Read the instructions carefully regarding the objective of the experiment.

2. Acquaintyourself thoroughly with the apparatus before starting the experiment.

3. When you haveobtained and analyzed your results, discuss them with your teacher.

4. Summarize yourresults as briefly and concisely as possible, in your laboratory manual.


1. A Proper dresscode is essential to enter the lab. No causal wears such as tank tops, shortsand sandals are allowed. Student must wear white coats (overalls/apron) in thelaboratory and should carry necessary materials/equipments and laboratorymanual.

2. Students shouldmaintain the workplace decorum, failing to do will disqualify them in attendingthe future laboratory sessions.

3. Working tableshould be kept clean all the times, unwanted papers, cotton, gauze that makesthe place untidy should be removed as quickly as possible.

4. Disturbing thelab sessions by making noise, eating, chewing, drinking, smoking andapplication of cosmetics is strictly prohibited inside the laboratory.

5. For someexperiments, the students need to wear face mask and hand gloves. It is betterto carry one.

6. Pay attentionto your personal safety while handling equipments, chemicals and experimentalanimals

7. Students shouldtake utmost care when using the properties of the lab. Do not tamper, damagethe equipments used in experimental procedure.

8. It is strictlyforbidden to take away the chemicals, medicines, equipments and experimentalanimals from the laboratory

9. Before leavingthe laboratory ensure;

i) All equipmentsmust be left in the proper order;

ii) Table topsmust be cleaned.

10. Failure tocomply with the above mentioned regulations will lead to disciplinary actionand penalty will be levied upon the student (s) after estimating the cost ofdamage.

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