School of Humanities
Dec 29, 2014 01:57 PM  

School of Humanities of Jiangxi University of TCMwith 70 faculties, was established in January of 2007. Most of the faculties are young backbone teachers, forming a vigorous, youthful and innovative teaching and research team. There are 2 professors, 13 assistant professors and 63 faculties with doctor’s or master’s degree.

It has 3 bachelor’s degree programs—Applied Psychology, English (medicine) and Musicology (music therapy), and is responsible for all the teaching tasks about English, Psychology and Art of the university. It has 1 provincial characteristic major--Musicology (music therapy) and 1 provincial quality course—Psychology Health of College Students. In 2014, the school of humanities has got the master’s degree authorization center of Applied Psychology, and will enroll students in 2015.

It has 1 key discipline under the National Administrative Bureau of TCM-- TCM Psychology and 4 key and cultivate disciplines of the University: Applied Psychology, English Language and Literature, Musicology and Higher Education.

The School of Humanities is responsible for the whole teaching of English,psychology and art for the university. There are 60 national and provincial research projects completed or being done, gaining the first prize of provincial excellent achievement in education science,the first prize of outstanding achievement in provincial humanities and Social Sciences,the third prize of outstanding achievement award for provincial arts and sciences planning; more than one hundred awards for guiding students to participate in the CCTV English speech contest and music skill competitions.

Major SettingApplied Psychology, English major (medicine) and Musicology (music therapy)

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