School of Economics and Management
Dec 29, 2014 01:58 PM  

School of Economics and Management was established in January 2007, in which there are 39 staff, 35 of them with masters degree and 16 of them with senior professional titles. There are over 1300 postgraduates, undergraduates and junior students ranging from postgraduates, undergraduates and junior college students in the school. Over 90% of graduates were in employment in the past three years.

It also runs one masters degree authorization in social medicine and health management and two scientific research platforms, including the Key Research Base of Provincial Higher Education for Humanities and Social Sciences(i.e.the Developing Center of Health Preservation Culture and Health Industry)and Jiangxi University of TCM Branch, MOE Online Cooperative Research Centre of EBM.

The school sets four specialties:insurance,public administration, medicine and marketing. There are a series of teaching quality projects, such as one provincial teaching team of health insurance, two provincial characteristic specialties, including social medicine and health management, an innovation experimental zone of provincial talent cultivation mode, a provincial course of medical insurance. Meanwhile, there are other key disciplines, such as one provincial 12th five-year-plan key disciplinespublic management, two key scholastic constructing disciplinesfinance(insurance) and enterprise management( medical marketing), and two key scholastic cultivating disciplinessocial security, constitutional jurisprudence and administrative law ( medical and health care law).

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