School of Basic Medicine (Life Sciences)
Dec 29, 2014 01:59 PM  

School of Basic Medicine(Life Sciences)is an important teaching department, which now has one basic medical experimental teaching center, and ten teaching groups, covering various subjectsBasic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), History and Literature of Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics of TCM, Formulas of TCM, Human Anatomy and Embryology, Physiology, Pathology, Biochemistry and Biological Engineering, Pathogen Biology and Immunology, and Preventive Medicine. It owns a vast teaching and research laboratory area of 8960 square meters, with 155 sets of expensive equipment that worth a total of 40.62 million Yuan  RMB.The School of Basic Medicine(Life Sciences provides basic courses of TCM and Western medicine and professional courses of biological engineering for students at all levels, including graduates, undergraduates, vocational students, adult education,and oversea students majoring in different subjects like TCM,Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, and Parmacy, etc.

School of Basic Medicine·Life Sciences takes great pride in its teaching and researching,with two key disciplines at state level(i.e.Basis of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine, Diagnostics of TCM), one key discipline at provincial level (Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine), and four key disciplines at university level (Diagnostics of TCM, Formulas of TCM, History and Literature of Chinese Medicine,Fermentation Engineering)

School of Basic Medicine(Life Sciences)now has five MA degree level subjects (Basic Theory of TCM, Formulas of TCM, Diagnostics of TCM, History and Literature of Chinese Medicine, Basis of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine). In the light of prominent subject characteristics, we set a purpose of training high-quality professionals in the area of basic Chinese and Western medicine. So we follow the principle of individualized education in the training of graduates,paying great attention to their personal talents and expertise,and trying to promote the innovation and overall quality.

Major:Biological Engineering

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