Introduction to the Undergraduate Education
Dec 29, 2014 01:44 PM  

Adhering to the core status of teaching,JXUTCM has formeda reasonable and characteristic specialty structure by continuously optimizing themajor setting. Currently, the university has 21 majors covering medicine, science, engineering, management, economics and humanity.Via preponderant disciplines,the university has built 3 national characteristic specialties,i.e.acupuncture moxibustion and Tui Na (massage), traditional Chinese medicine, and pharmacy ,7 provincial characteristic specialties,for example,traditional Chinese medicine,and 8 school-level characteristic specialties,for example,public affairs administration. Moreover, pharmacy and the other 4 specialties including traditional Chinese medicine, and computer science technology won national and provincial comprehensive reform pilot project of undergraduate specialties respectively.

The university has been continuously perfecting curriculum and building 4 platforms,i.e.liberal education, discipline basis, professional education and professional orientation, and curriculum groups of wide and firm discipline-basis platform and professional orientation. Currently, the university owns 2 national excellent courses including science of Chinese drug processing and traditional Chinese medical diagnostics, 2 national excellent resources-sharing courses, 10 provincial excellent resources-sharing courses including Shang Han Lun (Cold Damage), 10 provincial excellent courses including Chinese drugs pharmaceutics, 58 school-level excellent courses including physiology, 1 national bilingual model course—traditional Chinese medical diagnostics and 3 provincial bilingual model courses including science of Chinese drug processing, traditional Chinese medical diagnostics and human anatomy.

In order to strengthen students’ practical abilities and cultivate their creative capacity,JXUTCM has started some special classes such as the Pilot Class of Early Traditional Chinese Medical Practice,the Cradle Class of Would-be Outstanding Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors and the Class of Scientific Research Practice in Traditional Chinese Pharmacy,purposefully training students’ practical abilities and academic consciousness. Besides, the university has made improvements upon after-class practice, concentrated practice and graduation practice and has taken full advantage ofthe second-class educational function by encouraging students to participate in all kinds of academic competitions, social investigations and society activities.

The university relies on its experiment centers to conduct experimental and practical teaching activities.Five experiment centers such as the Experimental Teaching Center for Pre-clinical Medicine,the Pharmacology Experimental Teaching Center, and the Clinical Skill Training Center were assessed as provincial model experimental teaching center, and the Experimental Teaching Center for Traditional Chinese Medicineas national model experimental teaching center. Currently,JXUTCM has 183 off-campus practical teaching bases.The Comprehensive Clinical Skill Training Center of Jiujiang TCM Hospital affiliated to JXUTCM belongs to the national off-campus practical teaching base for college students.

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