School of Further Education and Training
Dec 29, 2014 01:42 PM  

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the universities that first offered the adult education.The predecessors of Further Education College are the Department of TCM.The Further Study by Correspondence was founded in 1959,and later it was renamed the TCM Correspondence University,Adult Education Department and Adult Education College respectively.In 2011it was officially renamed Further Education College.The Training College was established in 2006,undertaking the vocational education of talents in TCM,pharmaceutical and relatedindustries.In March,2011,the Further Education College and the Training College began to handle office business together.

With bigger and more competitiveness after over 50 years of development, the two colleges have built multi-disciplinary, multi-form, multi-level and multi-standard school system which consists of adult high education,self-learning examination, further medical education, standardized training for general practitioners, vocational skill training and vocational skill appraisal.Presently, the two colleges have18 teaching stations inside and outside Jiangxi province and have approximately 10,000 adult students,training hundreds of outstanding TCM talents working for local medical units each year,cultivating more than one thousand people with TCM expertise,and making contributions to theTCM development of Jiangxi.

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